NBA Trading Card Collectors Corner – Issue 22, August 2013 Edition

NBA Trading Card Collectors Corner – Issue 22, August 2013 Edition

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Hello, and welcome again to the monthly newsletter for local Australian NBA Basketball trading card collectors, NBA Trading Card Collectors Corner. This publication is free to all and proudly presented by your only place for NBA Basketball Hobby boxes, packs and supplies, DGCollectables.
Parramatta Collectables Fair – Sunday 18 August 2013
Just a reminder for those of you in Sydney, the Parramatta Collectables Fair is on Sunday 18 August 2013 starting at 8am and finishing at 2:30pm. This is a place where collectors can meet in person, trade and purchase NBA hobby boxes, packs and supplies. DGCollectables along with other sports and non-sports collectors/dealers will be actively participating at this upcoming show.
The next one is to be held on Sunday 18 August 2013 at Parramatta Town Hall. This venue is situated in Sydney’s west at 182 Church Street Mall, Parramatta NSW 2150. Public transport is available from Parramatta Train Station, which is positioned only a short walk to the venue. There is also plenty of free onsite parking (400 spaces) in Civic Place as well as throughout the Parramatta CBD. This promises to be a collector’s delight. We hope to see you there and remember to bring along your trade lists and trade bait.
Recent NBA Trading Card Releases
Even with the conclusion of the 2013 NBA Finals, Panini and Upper Deck continue to release new 2012-13 basketball trading card products. Both trading card companies are taking full advantage of the double rookie class of 2011 and 2012 headlined by Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard, Harrison Barnes, Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard, Bradley Beal and Ricky Rubio to promote their latest releases. As Panini currently have the sole NBA trading card licence, they have dominated the NBA trading card landscape with the lion’s share of 2012-13 releases headlined by their recently released flagship, National Treasures. Upper Deck do, however, have the licence for US Collegiate trading card products and have released a handful of sets including 2012-13 Upper Deck Fleer Retro.
Panini has recently released 2012-13 Panini Signatures as well as 2012-13 Panini National Treasures.
2012-13 Panini Signatures is a mid-ranged product aimed at the autograph collecting crowd with a 1 pack per box and 4 cards per pack breakdown. Each box, on average, contains 3 autographs and 1 insert. The set has a 200 autograph card checklist and boasts the debut of the well-received autographed film cards.
2012-13 Panini National Treasures is the high-end product for NBA trading cards and has been a runaway success with scores of box and case breaks ever since its release during the week of the 2013 National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago, USA. Each hobby box comprises only 1 pack with 10 cards per pack. There are 9 autographs, memorabilia cards or press plates per box on average. The most sought after inserts cards have been the rookie patch autographs of the top 2011 and 2012 rookies, as well as single and dual logoman cards of today’s superstars and past legends. The secondary market for the most sought after insert cards has been strong, with demand far exceeding supply for rookie patch autographs of Kyrie Irving as well as logoman cards of Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton, Karl Malone, John Stockton and Kevin Durant.
2012-13 Upper Deck Fleer Retro was recently released and is Upper Deck’s high end product in the basketball trading card scene. Each hobby box contains 2 mini-boxes, with 10 packs per mini-box and 5 cards per pack. These are aimed at 1990’s basketball trading card collectors with the majority of inserts in this set borrowing heavily from cards of that era. The most sought after inserts from this set are Precious Metal Gems serially numbered to 50 and 100 based on the 1997-98 Metal Universe set. As with Upper Deck products, they are the only place to get autographed LeBron James and Michael Jordan inserts.
2012-13 Upper Deck SP Authentic was released in late May 2013 and is one of Upper Deck’s most popular basketball trading card products. This hobby product is good for set collectors and autograph/patch insert collectors alike. Each hobby box comprises 24 packs with 5 cards per pack. On average, each hobby box will yield 3 autograph or memorabilia cards. As usual, the most sought after cards from this release include the Upper Deck-exclusive Michael Jordan and LeBron James autographed cards.
Upcoming NBA Trading Card Releases
Panini has a handful of new 2012-13 NBA basketball trading card sets, which they are releasing in August and September. They include 2012-13 Panini Elite Series, 2012-13 Panini Innovation and 2012-13 Panini Intrigue.
2012-13 Panini Elite Series will be live 21 August 2013 and each hobby box comprises 1 pack with 10 cards per pack. Each hobby box will contain 4 autograph cards as well as an Elite Glass Card. This is a mid to higher end product and caters for those collectors seeking autographs, memorabilia and other hits as opposed to base cards for set collectors.
2012-13 Panini Innovation is a mid-range product and will be live 4 September 2013. Each hobby box consists of 1 pack and 8 cards per pack. On average, each hobby box will contain three autograph or memorabilia cards as well as One Rookie View Rookie Card. There is a 200-card base set consisting of 100 base cards, 25 View cards, and 75 Rookie View cards.
2012-13 Panini Intrigue is also a mid to higher end product with 1 pack per box, 6 cards per pack as well as 1 five-card Intriguing Pack. This product will be live 18 September 2013, with each hobby box, on average comprising three autographs and one memorabilia card. The Intriguing Player Packs feature only the game’s 20 top players, with ten different versions of each to deliver diversity, the thrill of the chase and maximum value. There are a total of 200 cards in this unique Intriguing player checklist. Each card utilises state-of-the-art technology with custom foil etches for 3D feel.
Best Pulls
Australian hobby collectors have been recently pulling rare parallels; game used cards and autos of rookies as well as superstars from past and present. Here are a few submissions from the readers out there.

Notable Card(s) Pulled

2012-13 Panini National Treasures Hobby Box
Authentic Signatures Dual 11 vs. 12 Kenneth Faried and Jae Crowder 29/49
Norris Cole Rookie Patch Auto
Colossal Number Prime Auto Patch Tyreke Evans 24/25
2012-13 Panini National Treasures Hobby Box
Deron Williams Timeline Team Name Game Used Auto 20/49
Marcus Morris Rookie Patch Auto 22/25
2012-13 Panini National Treasures Hobby Box
Kyrie Irving Rookie Patch Auto 25/199
Cory Joseph Rookie Patch Auto 50/99
Mike Conley Timeline Game Used Auto 11/99
Authentic Signatures Dual 11 vs. 12 Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters 12/49
2012-13 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hobby Box
Hakeem Olajuwon By The Letter Signatures Auto 1/5
Spencer Haywood Sign of the Times Auto
2012-13 Panini Gold Standard Hobby Box
Bradley Beal Metal Card
Rod Strickland Marks of Gold
John Havlicek Mother Lode Auto 5/25
Amare Stoudemire Gold Standard /10
Rudy Straight Black Gold Game Used /199
2012-13 Panini Signatures Hobby Box
Anthony Davis Rookie Auto 17/25
Ben Hansborough Auto
Dwyane Wade 17/25
Thanks to NC, DN and others who submitted their great pulls into the newsletter. Send your Best Pulls to and we will endeavour to include them in our next issue.
That’s it For Now!
That’s it for now for this issue of NBA Trading Card Collectors Corner and the next issue will be out in early September 2013. Catch up with you all then.
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