NBA Trading Card Collectors Corner – Issue 29, May/June 2014 Edition

NBA Trading Card Collectors Corner

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Hello, and welcome to the bi-monthly newsletter for Australian NBA Basketball trading card collectors, NBA Trading Card Collectors Corner. This publication is free to all and proudly presented by your only place for NBA Basketball Hobby boxes, packs and supplies, DGCollectables.


Australia’s Premier Collectables Show – Sunday 31st August 2014


For Sydneysiders, the next Australia’s Premier Collectables Show is on Sunday 31st August 2014 beginning at 9am and concluding at 3pm. This is the place where collectors can meet in person, trade and purchase NBA hobby boxes, packs and supplies. DGCollectables along with other sports and non-sports collectors/dealers will be actively participating at this upcoming show.


The next Australia’s Premier Collectables Show will be held at Penrith Exhibition Pavilion, which is positioned next to Penrith Panther’s Club. This is situated in Sydney’s west at Mulgoa Road, Penrith NSW 2750. Public transport is available from Penrith Train Station, which is only a short drive to the venue. There is also plenty of free onsite parking. This promises to be a collector’s delight. We hope to see you there and remember to bring along your tradelists and trade bait.


Recent NBA Trading Card Releases


In the last 2 months, there has been a handful of NBA card releases including 2013-14 Panini Crusade Basketball, 2013-14 Panini Innovation Basketball, 2013-14 Panini Intrigue Basketball, 2013-14 Panini Select Basketball, 2013-14 Panini Signatures Basketball and 2013-14 Upper Deck Fleer Retro Basketball.


2013-14 Panini Crusade Basketball was recently released and includes all-new autograph sets such as Hardwood Homage and Sultans of Springfield, comprising signatures from legends of the game and members of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Another new autograph set is Apprentice Signatures, which features 40 rookie autographs. Each hobby box on average comprises 6 packs, 5 cards per pack, 1 Autograph, 1 Memorabilia Card and 18 Crusade cards.


2013-14 Panini Innovation Basketball focuses on autograph and memorabilia hits in each hobby box as opposed to masses of common cards. Each hobby box on average will see 1 pack, 6 cards per pack, 2 autographs, 1 memorabilia card, 1 glass stained card and 1 other insert. One new insert set is Main Exhibit Signatures, which features an on-card autograph in a unique Shadowbox Design. The Kaboom card insert is one of the highly sought-after chase cards, falling on average 1 card per case. The Stat Line Jerseys subset features a game-used Jumbo swatch. Other inserts include Swat Team, All-Rookies and Stained Glass cards.

2013-14 Panini Intrigue Basketball includes new die-cut versions of the Intriguing Players set featuring 20 of the NBA’s greats numbered as low as 1 of 1. This set also features 4 unique autograph/memorabilia inserts, including the sport’s all-time greats in Hall Dwellers autographs, 4 unique on-card autographs inserts as well as the return of dual, trio and quad memorabilia cards grouping the game’s best together. Each hobby box on average will include 1 pack, 11 cards per pack, 4 autograph/memorabilia cards and 5 Intriguing Players cards.


2013-14 Panini Select Basketball is a popular mid-range set featuring Prizm technology. There is the Gold Prizm subset sequentially numbered to 10. New autograph inserts include Signatures, Hall Selections Signatures and Franchise Signatures. A new insert set is Purple Prizms, each numbered to 99 and Blue Prizms, each numbered to 49. Every card in Select in the entire print run has a 1 of 1 Prizm Black variation. Each hobby box on average will yield 2 autographs, 2 memorabilia cards, 6 Prizm cards, 14 packs and 6 Cards per pack.


2013-14 Panini Signatures Basketball was released recently and varies slightly from the previous year’s release. On average over the entire print run, each hobby box will yield 2 packs, 2 cards per pack, 2 autographs, 1 Film card, 1 chase insert and 1 2014 Draft exchange card. The set features rare Film Rookies Autographs from 25 rookies. There are 7 new autograph inserts, including History of the Hall Autographs and Franchise Graphs. The chase cards are all serially numbered to 25 or less.


2013-14 Upper Deck Fleer Retro Basketball has also seen a change in configuration, which has resulted in a reduced price point for box breakers. Each hobby box on average comprises 2 autographs, 2 Fleer Metal Cards, 4 premium fleer inserts, 24 packs and 5 cards per pack. The classic Autographics, Skybox Prime Time and Fleer Ultra Autograph designs are included as insert sets. Premium Fleer inserts include Skybox Premium Star Rubies, Precious Metal Gems (red, blue and green), 1996-97 Skybox Premium Golden Touch, 1997-98 Ultra Star Power Supreme and 1994-95 Skybox Emotion N-Tense among others. This popular brand also features precious metal cards from debutants including Paul George, Rajon Rondo, James Harden, Tim Hardaway Jr, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Tony Snell and others.


Upcoming NBA Trading Card Releases


The NBA season has just ended with the San Antonio Spurs taking home the 2014 World Championships in 5 games with young Spurs’ superstar, Kawhi Leonard winning Finals MVP honours. The end of the playoffs does not translate into an end of 2013-14 NBA Basketball card releases, with 2013/14 Panini National Treasures Basketball, 2013/14 Panini Preferred Basketball as well as 2013/14 Panini Spectra Basketball scheduled to be released in the next 2 months.


2013/14 Panini National Treasures Basketball is Panini’s flagship high-end release. This product is scheduled to be released on the 30th July 2014 to coincide with the 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention being held in Cleveland, USA during that time. Each hobby box on average will contain 8 autographs or memorabilia cards, 1 printing plate, 1 base or parallel card, 1 pack and 10 cards per pack. This highly-anticipated release will feature the iconic Rookie Patch Autographs from members of the 2013 NBA Rookie Class. An innovative idea for this product is the inclusion and debut of Sneaker Swatches, featuring pieces of game-worn shoes from retired and current NBA stars. Chase cards include Logoman patches of the game’s biggest stars, as well as Dual and Trio Laundry Tag cards serially numbered to 5 or less.

2013/14 Panini Preferred Basketball is set to be released on the 9th July 2014 and is a high-end set. It is one of the most popular trading card products of the year. Preferred returns with a 600-card unique on-card autographed base set. This product includes the Silhouettes Set, featuring on-card autographed memorabilia cards of veterans, rookies and legends. Memorabilia Booklet cards also return with 5 new designs, including Jumbo patches and swatches worn during the 2013 NBA Finals. There are 135 Unique rookie on-card autographs, including Silhouettes, Crown Royale and the All-New Rookie Revolution. There is the NBA Pride Set, which features some of the hottest young superstars in the game today. Each hobby box on average contains 1 pack, 4 cards per pack, 3 autographs and 1 memorabilia booklet card.


2013/14 Panini Spectra Basketball is a new set in Panini’s stable. Each hobby box on average in this high-end set comprises 4 autographed memorabilia cards, 1 memorabilia card, 1 parallel card (numbered to 65 or less) and 2 base cards (numbered to 199). Each hobby box is configured to contain 1 pack and 8 cards per pack. Spectra features a checklist printed entirely on thick Optichrome cards. The set is littered with memorabilia cards, including the giant swatches on display in Materials and Rookie Jumbo jerseys. There are also 1 of 1 black parallel cards for collectors to chase.


Best Pulls


Australian hobby collectors have been pulling low-numbered parallels; game used cards and autographs of rookies as well as superstars from past and present. Here are a few submissions from the readers.


Reader Product Notable Card(s) Pulled
GC 2000-01 Fleer Legacy NBA Basketball Packs Scottie Pippen Base Card

Hakeem Olajuwon Base Card

GC 2010-11 Panini Classic NBA Basketball Pack Tim Duncan Base Card

Blake Griffin Base Card

Hedo Turkoglu Blast from the Past Insert Card


Thanks to GC and others who submitted their great pulls into the newsletter. Send your Best Pulls to and we will endeavour to include them in our next issue.


That’s it For Now!


That’s it for now for this issue of NBA Trading Card Collectors Corner and the next issue will be out in July/August 2014. Catch up with you all then.



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